Get Ready For The Summer With A Remix of WILDE’s “100 Days”

Dust off the clouds with a new house-boosted pop heater.

April 27, 2016
Get Ready For The Summer With A Remix of WILDE’s “100 Days” Gillian Mapp

WILDE are Giselle Mapp, Nyra, and Brandon Merenick, an electro-pop group from Toronto that's readying their Flashlight Remixes EP to drop on Thursday. Italian producer Laibert's remix of “100 Days” is a smooth and atmospheric house jam, catalyzed by the ping-pong of thumb piano and maintained by Giselle Mapp's velvet croon riding some seriously urgent piano chords.


Over email, the band told us how their remix EP helped them close the book on a certain chapter, and sung Laibert's praises.

We were initially going to drop all of these remixes as bonus songs on the Flashlight EP, but we ended up cutting most of them as we thought it would’ve made the project too long. A lot of the remixes came out organically by just reaching out to producers we admired whether they were local or big, to see if we could get their interpretation of the original songs. We look at these remixes as closure to the Flashlight EP as we are back in the studio working on the next project.”

The Laibert Remix came about really fast. He is this talented young kid from Italy who reached out to us and wanted to work. He and Giselle actually are collaborating on some songs for his own project, but before that happened he ended up remixing a song for us. It was one of the last remixes we got done and it ended up being one of our favorite ones. It's kinda perfect for the nice weather we are finally getting in Toronto.

Get Ready For The Summer With A Remix of WILDE’s “100 Days”