Meet HaSizzle, The New Orleans Bounce Artist Drake Sampled On VIEWS

“The Voice Of Bounce Music” speaks about his appearance on one of the biggest albums of the year.

April 29, 2016

Bounce music is a frenetic style of hip-hop music from New Orleans, that's famous for energetic vocals and beats that sends butts into gymnastics. The music has been given global attention in recent years by Big Freedia and the tragically departed Nicky Da B. But when Drake wanted to sample the sound for “Childs Play,” a song on his new album VIEWS, he turned to a local giant of the scene named HaSizzle and “She Rode That Dick Like A Soulja,” a classic of the subgenre.


HaSizzle calls himself “The Voice of Bounce Music,” thanks to 13 years producing regional hits like “Bounce It Biggity Bounce It” (the first ever track he produced, which has amassed 11 million views on Youtube), and “She Rode That Dick Like A Soulja.” HaSizzle and I exchanged emails about his addition to Drake's VIEWS, his history in Bounce music and, of course, The Cheesecake Factory.

How did you get involved with VIEWS?
HaSizzle: One of Drake's reps contacted me via email and then called me. She said we have a big artist that wants to sample my infamous track "She Rode That Dick Like A Soulja." My reaction to this project was PRICELESS and beyond words, full of amazement, for someone like Drake to sample my song! I just remember having this feeling like "YES! I finally made it. "My voice will now be heard all over the world. Many people never had a face to match my song.

How do you feel about the finished song?
Drake's song just put my spirit back in check, to never give up on your dreams. I love the song "Childs Play," it's like the remix I never got to do.

Are you a fan of The Cheesecake Factory? Maybe you'll hear “Childs Play” there.
Cheesecake Factory is one of my all time favorite restaurants, so if I were to ever hear my voice over the speakers I would immediately find the manager and let him or her know that's me you're hearing.

What're your post-VIEWS plans?
My music career plans is to drop my new album and promote my new music video "Shakedown." I want to work with many talented artists like Drake, and to let the world know that bounce music is more than just sample music.

Meet HaSizzle, The New Orleans Bounce Artist Drake Sampled On VIEWS