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Our Favorite Toronto References On Drake’s VIEWS

It’s time to vet The Boy’s ‘hometown record’ for local, Canadian colour.

April 29, 2016


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(The artist, pictured at Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa in Cambridge, Ontario)  

In an interview, 40 described VIEWS as Drake's Toronto album. And the record's original title, the very specific Views From The 6, left no questions about the narrative point-of-view that it would take. We're ok with the change to VIEWS (there probably aren't many upset by the death of the nickname 'the 6' outside of overeager brands) because there is so much more about the city on the record itself to parse. Between references to Kennedy and Weston Roads—major streets in the city's east and west ends—and Drake's ongoing incorporation of slang both spoken and in voicemail form, there are some other fun, local inclusions that celebrate Drake's history with the Toronto. Here are our favorites, in the order they appear on VIEWS.

You know who mans are? and the outro on "Keep The Family Close"

The woman speaking on the opening track's 'voicemail outro' is Jamz, a real sweetheart and one of the personalities of the popular Toronto podcast, GYALCAST.

6 cold like Alaska/VIEWS already a classic/Roy outta here like NASA from “Hype”

It's almost May but it feels like Toronto's still in autumn: the memory of our super cold winter lingers. Here, Drake teases at new stuff from OVO signee, Brampton's Roy Wood$, warming our still-thawing hearts.

Been flowin' stupid since Vince Carter was on some through the legs arm in the hoop shit from “Weston Road Flows”

It's over. It's over.

Drinkin' Hpnotiq with Glenn Lewis, I been through it from “Weston Road Flows”

Glenn Lewis is a well-loved, Juno Award-winning R&B artist from Toronto, and sharing a bottle of the azure blue bev with him is just another check on Drake's bucket list.

Big Apple had the white hummer parked right in front of Fluid And we be walkin' in that bitch like we already knew it from “Weston Road Flows”

Fluid was a nightclub located in Toronto's once popular nightclub district of John and Richmond. It rebranded as Pop a few years back, then closed. Here's what Melissa B. on Yelp had to say: “Fluid is definitely a local, 'bad boy' spot, meaning it has a very gangsta vibe to it. It's small but has lots of dance floor space and a nice looking V.I.P. area.” 3 stars out of 5. RIP.

But money can't buy happiness, Jellee talkin' truthful/ But I'm happiest when I can buy what I want, anytime that I want/ Get high when I want from “Weston Road Flows”

At the end of the track, Drake sings the hook from Jelleestone's “Money (Pt. 1),” which propelled the Rexdale rapper to the Canadian Top 40 in 2000. Just last week, 40 grammed a Jelleestone record, giving fans some insight into the inspirations behind VIEWS.

Girl, really gon' spend the winter with this other nigga? from “Redemption”

Cuffing season in Toronto is serious. Once you've made the choice of a hibernation partner, you might not see any other human being socially until spring—unless it's by accident at No Frills.

Hall of fame, hall of fame/ Like I'm shirt off, like I'm shirt off...Top 5 no debating/ Top 5, top 5, top 5 from “Grammys”

Top5 is a Toronto rapper with a banging trap anthem called “Hall Of Fame.” In the beginning, he raps I called up Drake, let's celebrate/ He say shirt off ride that foreign in L.A.

This sound like some 4301 shit from “Pop Style”

Kanye To The thinks the numbers refer to 4301 Kingston Road, a housing complex in the east end borough of Scarbourough. They also point out that OVO rapper P Reign may have shot some music videos at that location, while Genius suggests it's where Reign's crew Reps Up Records resides.

Kiddie Caribana, Tryin' not to catch a stray from “Views”

Junior, or “Kiddie,” Caribana is the children's parade in Caribana, Toronto's annual celebration of Caribbean culture. Unfortunately, the festival has historically been accompanied by a narrative of violent incidents, with two shootings at the festival in the last five years. But the festival remains a point of pride for Toronto's West Indian diaspora and it's also a lot of fun, so don't let Drake scare you off.

I worked at Jaydees Connections whenever Jason let me/Ceesay’s, I was buying fitteds everyday from “Views”

Apparently Drake worked at this streetwear store on Eglinton, and used the money to buy hats. Along with his reference to “sellin' Girbaud Jeans” on “Know Yourself” (and, of course, Shoppers Drug Mart) a clearer picture of Drake's pre-rap employment history is beginning to materialize. Along with the above reference to Kiddie's Caribana, Drake is narrating a trip down Eglinton West.


Maybe the deluxe edition will be even more Toronto? Something like this:

Our Favorite Toronto References On Drake’s VIEWS