OYABUN Gets The Girl On "Pick Up Lines"

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May 03, 2016
OYABUN Gets The Girl On "Pick Up Lines" LS Doom

OYABUN is in a very universal situation on "Pick Up Lines." After ensuring his friends that their night will include what is undoubtedly the most lit party they've been to in a while, he spots a young lady that he wants to get to bring to the dance floor. The song's funny ad-libs of cheesy compliments and ambitious woos, give a peak into what some guys are really saying to their friends while trying to figure out the best way approach a love interest.


The rapper uses his Brooklyn and Miami influences to craft an upbeat flow over a beat infused with dance vibes and jazz sounds. As OYABUN told the FADER over email, "When I first heard the beat, it really spoke to me with the heavy jazz influence. I wanted to make a song that evoked a particular feeling while connecting with the masses."

Check it out below.

OYABUN Gets The Girl On "Pick Up Lines"