Elujay Recruits YMTK For “Flagrant”

A jazzy new single from the Oakland rapper.

May 06, 2016

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Oakland rapper, and purveyor of soulful vibes, Elujay dropped off his latest single "Flagrant" recently. The new track is soulful jam that rides smoothly into a trumpet solo from Darnell "Trumpet Dude" Phillips (who won a Grammy with Usher in 2010). Elujay half-raps, half-sings, while YMTK sings, Ain't with that foul shit but you flagrant. Ekzakt, who also produced a slapper earlier this month for YMTK, provides a soothing beat for the duo. Listen to "Flagrant" below.

Elujay Recruits YMTK For “Flagrant”