Mario Returns With “I Need More”

He’s back and he’s hungry.

May 06, 2016


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According to the Billboard charts, Mario's "Let Me Love You" was one of the 10 biggest singles released during the '00s in any genre—up there with unstoppable juggernauts like Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" and Usher's "Yeah." "Let Me Love You" featured a writing credit from a young Ne-Yo, and it was produced by Scott Storch at the peak of his commercial powers.


But after 2009—when he released D.N.A. and the Gucci Mane-assisted single "Break Up"—Mario has struggled to find his footing. He still releases new music periodically, and today brings a fresh single with a pointed title: "I Need More." The song shows Mario trying to keep up with current sonic trends, but the beat doesn't leave room for the kind of sticky melodies that initially made the singer popular.

Listen below, or purchase the track here.

Mario Returns With “I Need More”