Desiigner Brings”Panda” To The Late Show

Colbert supports “Panda.”

May 12, 2016

Earlier this year, Desiigner romped all the way to No. 1 with "Panda." He held the spot for two weeks before being replaced by Drake. Days after slipping to No. 2, Desiigner retaliated by releasing the "Panda" music video, which featured Kanye West.


Last night, the young rapper also got some national airtime, appearing on the The Late Show. (Colbert called the performance Desiigner's network television debut.) He flailed his arms, threw his microphone in the air, and shouted his way through "Panda;" watch above. Find out if "Panda" is actually good.

Desiigner Brings”Panda” To The Late Show