Turnstile’s Animated “Addicted” Video Is Completely Wigged-Out

Elliot Bech made the weirdo cartoon, which features a dude and his cat fighting over a chicken wing.

May 12, 2016

Hardcore band Turnstile put out their album Nonstop Feeling last January, and today they're debuting a deranged animated video for "Addicted," a song from that release. The video was created by Elliot Bech, whose spare, cartoon-y lines and bugged-out concepts you may recognize from Alex G's great "Brite Boy" video.


"Elliot Bech created everything in his own style," Turnstile told The FADER in an email. "He brought the video to life with frantic back-and-forth animation that's at one moment childish and fun, and the next, dark and perverse. The song is about over-dependence and discontent. It's about the battle for the super drug."

Turnstile’s Animated “Addicted” Video Is Completely Wigged-Out