CAFUNÉ Preaches Self-Love On “Don’t You Forget”

Optimism takes practice.

May 13, 2016
CAFUNÉ Preaches Self-Love On “Don’t You Forget” Savannah Daras

"Don't You Forget," a chirpy new tune from the duo CAFUNÉ, is full of bright guitars and gauzy backing vocals. Noah Yoo produced the track—full disclosure, he's also FADER Fam—and it aims for uplift: Put some red on your lips, give your reflection a kiss, singer/songwriter Sedona Schat suggests. Later she adds, things get better.


"'Don't You Forget' is about self-love as a continual act, something that you have to work at," Schat tells The FADER in an email. "In a world that makes you feel like you should hate yourself, you have to actively make the decision that you're going to love yourself— and then you do things to reinforce that."

Listen below. CAFUNÉ performs tonight at the Mercury Lounge; get more information here.

CAFUNÉ Preaches Self-Love On “Don’t You Forget”