Jason Adenuga Produced Three Tracks On Skepta’s Konnichiwa

Meet Jason, the youngest Adenuga sibling.

May 16, 2016

We all knew Adenuga was a blessed name: in the London family, there are grime MCs and Boy Better Know founders Skepta and JME, and their younger sister, Beats 1 anchor Julie Adenuga. What some might not have known is that the three siblings have another younger brother called Jason—and he's musical too. Not only that, but he contributed beats to Skepta's latest studio album Konnichiwa.

Skepta confirmed this in an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra's DJ Semtex last week (who said himself that the Adenuga family is "like an industry in its own right"). “It is a little scene, in my house,” said Skepta. “I put three productions of my youngest brother Jason on my album, on Konnichiwa, and that made me happy, to be able to do that for him.”


Asked about why she and her siblings are all so creative, Julie Adenuga told The Guardian last year: “If I had to pick the one thing that has made us all this way it’s the fact that we just never had any money growing up, everything that we wanted to do we just had to make it. We would make go-karts...We never wanted to just sit here and talk to each other, so we’d just go and physically make things. You want to hear a song and it doesn’t exist, just make the song and then it exists.”

As JME hinted on Twitter last week, the Konnichiwa outro (at the end of the final track "Text Me Back") uses a beat originally called "Sand Ocean," which the youngest Adenuga uploaded to Soundcloud nine months ago.

Jason also uploaded a brand new instrumental on Sunday. Listen below, and trawl his Soundcloud for more gems here.

Jason Adenuga Produced Three Tracks On Skepta’s Konnichiwa