Stream Juan Calderon’s Tender Jara

Inspired by ‘70s Chilean Folk singer victor Jara.

May 17, 2016
Stream Juan Calderon’s Tender <i>Jara</i>

Jara, the latest release from Netherland-based artist and producer Juan Calderon, takes its name from '70s Chilean folk singer Victor Jara, who inspired the tender guitar that forms a line through this soulful, five-track project.


“I’ve been a fan of Victor Jara’s music for all my life," Calderon explained in an email to The FADER. "His folk sound and way of playing the guitar inspired me to make this EP. In the Jara EP, I tried to combine that pure sound with my way of making beats and music.”

A little melancholy, but really sweet, Jara deserves your time; listen below.

Stream Juan Calderon’s Tender Jara