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Petite League Will Chew You Up On “Zookeeper”

Listen to the band’s punchy new single.

May 17, 2016
Petite League Will Chew You Up On “Zookeeper”

Lorenzo Cook recorded a pair of albums as Spark Alaska before joining with Henry Schoonmaker and adopting the Petite League moniker. It's a self-effacing name, but "Zookeeper" is not a timid track. I'm a kid with a leash in the zoo, Cook sings at the start of the song. You don't want to bite me, 'cause I'm gonna bite you. The guitars pound forward with jittery momentum; the drums rattle convincingly. At the end of the tune, Cook embraces the anarchy of a dog-eat-dog world. No gods in the animal kingdom, he concludes. And no gods for me.


Listen below, and look for the single on Manimal Records this Friday.

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Petite League Will Chew You Up On “Zookeeper”