Listen To Sister Deborah’s #JollofWars Anthem, “Ghana Jollof”

“My jollof brings all the boys to the yard.”

May 17, 2016

Jollof is a staple rice dish from West Africa, and the subject of perennial international debate over who makes it best. Hashtagging their tweets #JollofWars, people from Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon, and other fans of jollof have been cheekily roasting each other for the way each region prepares the dish. Even Keri Hilson, who is dating Congolese NBA player Serge Ibaka, had a take. The conversation is so spirited it prompted FADER contributor Chinedu Ukabam to stage a real-life #JollofWars at the end of the month, featuring some of Toronto's West African chefs.


Because 2016 is awesome, the time-old contest has been leveled up with a musical throwdown from Sister Deborah, a Ghanaian television presenter and musician. Over a perky beat by producer Kuvie, Deborah praises her nation's jollof and disses Nigerian recipes with a series of delightful bars: I have d secret recipe no Maggi cube, when your Naija boy chases me don't blame juju. Maybe Davido will weigh in next?

Listen To Sister Deborah’s #JollofWars Anthem, “Ghana Jollof”