Buy Yourself A Mini-Drake

“3D printed just for you.”

May 18, 2016

Every since Drake shared the cover of VIEWS, tiny little Drakes have been enjoying a lengthy victory lap, appearing on The Tonight Show, in one of Ellen DeGeneres's dance sequences, and all over Twitter.


"I have become the most memed person aside from the Michael Jordan crying face," Drake told Instagram recently. "I love that I’m the guy that doesn't take himself too seriously. I like laughing even if it's at my expense. It doesn’t feel like it's necessarily malicious or hurtful stuff. It brings joy to my life. I hope it brings joy to other people’s lives too."

Now blogTO points out that you can purchase your own version of mini-Drake for $29.99. The figures are made with a 3D printer; they are 3.97 cm wide and 7.5 cm tall. You can get one here.

Buy Yourself A Mini-Drake