M.I.A. Talks New Album In Persicope Video

“You can make a record that’s happy about surviving.”

May 18, 2016

In a new video that surfaced this week, M.I.A. said she hopes to release her next album in July, and it will contain 12 songs.


"I like this record," she noted. "I felt by the end of it all, you can make a record that's happy about surviving and not really constantly talk about the fight. At the end of the day, I feel like... it's probably better to remind people about survival and surviving than it is about the moment you go to battle. Because that's just a moment. After that, be happy fly pirates."

The singer also discussed a possible collaboration with Rihanna that did not come to be and writing an entire song while she was waiting for Popcaan to show up. According to M.I.A., her inability to travel to the U.S. kept her from working with American producers on the new album. Watch the clip above.

M.I.A. Talks New Album In Persicope Video