Mija Teams Up With Vindata For Glimmering New Video “KGB”

The producer’s sprightly new video is the perfect summer kick-off.

May 18, 2016

Amber Giles, better known as Mija, got her start promoting and DJing underground raves around Phoenix at age 16 years old. Now 23, she is playing festival stages around the world and preparing for the release of her debut EP.


Today Mija has shared the video for her playfully buoyant track, "KGB," a collaboration with electronic duo Vindata. Within, we catch glimpses of the frenzied yet mirthful lives of the three artists while they are on tour. Handwritten text and drawings jump over shots of water, giddy fans dancing and party bus debauchery as glittering synths play in the background. Infectious saccharine hooks and melodies pull us into Mija and Vindata's cheerfully blithe world.

"The Vindata boys are the homies," Mija told The FADER in an email. "We started working on an original beat and right away I heard an old happy hardcore sample in my head that Darren Styles wrote years ago. The sample fit perfectly and made us excited to complete the record. It's all about good vibes, good people, and good times. That's who we are, and the lifestyle we share."

"We've been friends with Mija for sometime now," Branden of Vindata added. "So it was only natural for us to collab on a fun, positive song that we'd both enjoy playing out. We purposely made sure the chords in the song were bright and glossy, and that the energy continued to build upon itself."

"It has a very 'dropable' future bass song structure, and is designed to pretty much make people feel good," quipped Jarred of Vindata. "That UK Hardcore sample by Darren Styles was icing on the cake. We even threw in some audio of us goofing off in the studio. Good vibes from the beginning."

Mija Teams Up With Vindata For Glimmering New Video “KGB”