6 Things We Learned From Cam’ron’s Reddit AMA

A very brief AMA from Killa Cam.

May 19, 2016

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After dropping off "Oh Yeah", a new track with Juelz Santana, earlier today, Cam'ron participated in a brief but quotable Reddit AMA. Killa Cam fielded questions that ranged from aquatic animal domestication to his infamous picture with Monica Lewinsky and Dame Dash. Here's what we learned from Cam'ron's short and, at times, vulgar AMA. Read the full AMA here.


1. Cam'ron has his own version of the "don't kiss and tell" rule.

When asked about the picture of himself and Dame Dash with Monica Lewinsky at the opening of an NYC nightclub in 2002, he simply stated: "I don't get my dick sucked and tell."


2. Cam'ron didn't talk to Bill O'Reilly at all off-camera during his infamous appearance on The O'Reilly Factor.

When asked if he had any contact with Bill O'Reilly during commercial breaks, Cam'ron replied: "No Bill o'Reilly didnt talk to me during break., I Dont give a fuk."


3. Cam'ron considers his game akin to Michael Jordan in 1993.

Although it's unclear whether he's talking about rapping or his literal hoop game, Cam'ron told one Redditor that "the 93' Jordan" is who he feels his game is most easily compared.

4. All the voicemail interludes from Purple Haze were real.

Purple Haze had some of the best skits of any rap album ever, including Cam'ron arguing with a lady about the noises that chickens and ducks make. Turns out: "Yeah them shits all real."

5. Cam'ron isn't into aquatic animal domestication.

The strangest question asked involved Cam'ron deciding which aquatic animal he would most like to domesticate. Never to be outdone as the funny guy, Cam responded: "Im not into beastiality."

6. Cam'ron doesn't appreciate you taking pictures of him while he's trying to eat.

One Redditor thanked Cam for taking a picture with him when he came into the Five Guys that he worked at. The second part of the question involved Kanye West's "Down and Out" beat, but that's not important. Cam didn't feel like he owed this former Five Guys employee anything else: "I think it was very unproffesional of you to be takin pictures While i was tryna get a burger. I think i did enough for you already."

6 Things We Learned From Cam’ron’s Reddit AMA