6 Key Takeaways From Lil B’s New Interview With Steve Roggenbuck

An album from Keke, the adopted tabby cat, is on the way.

May 20, 2016

Lil B

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Lil B sat down for a rare interview with net artist Steve Roggenbuck on KCRW's The Organist. You can listen to it here, but we've compiled the most important excerpts from the Based God's far-ranging conversation below.

1. Truth is Lil B's primary creative motivation.

"That's why I've done this music and put out a lot of truth, because I wanted to motivation and create a new economy within music, to make sure that you could be truthful, create capital and sustain yourself and spread the truth. Before the money or anything, number one, it was just to put out real music, real stuff with a passion, real art."

2. An album with Keke, his adopted tabby cat, is coming but Lil B's not going to exploit her.

"I've been working on that right now, but I've never did anything to exploit my cat...I always just really take my time with stuff. Before working on this album with Keke or whatnot, I'm her friend. This is part of my family...I'm not going to force my cat to speak. I can't do that."

3. He still records music in his closet.

"This is the first time I'm saying this, I make music out my closet from this day today. Still do. Went around the world from out my closet, by myself."

4. After his transphobic tweet he's learning about transgender issues and experiences from a professor.

"I'm actually talking to a female professor out of Kaiser, Oakland. She's something of the transgender studies program at Kaiser. She really knows firsthand what's going on, so she's somebody that I'm going to be talking to...One thing I'm never trying to do is separate people who're just trying to live life and be themselves."

5. He's a feminist, but his country has confused him, and he's ok with showing that.

"I think my being quote-unquote black in America, I've been confused, I've been lied to greatly, historically by the white man. I got love for my white brothers though...For me being slightly misogynistic, I give my true self. When you heard the line 'respect all women, pass me a couple bitches,' that's me being at a battle, because I respect women and I want people to know that."

6. Lil B wants you to see him, flaws and all, and watch him grow to a natural state of joy.

"I put myself out there. I want people to know my growth, to know me, to say 'Hey Lil B, I appreciate your honesty and appreciate you for who you are'...like I said, I love people. The only reason why there's only hesitance when I said that is because of betrayal and having to relearn what I thought was right. I came out the womb a loving, happy baby. A golden baby. We all are."

6 Key Takeaways From Lil B’s New Interview With Steve Roggenbuck