Bankroll PJ Demands You Dance In “Jump In” Video

“Fresh will live vicariously through PJ.”

May 23, 2016

Precocious doesn't even begin to describe it. Last week, the late Bankroll Fresh's nephew PJ graduated from kindergarten; today, he has released a video for his debut single, "Jump In."


The video opens with the 5-year-old Street Money Worldwide rapper rolling up to a block party and demanding We finna dance, you all ready? I don't think y'all ready, because y'all just standing right there while scrambling into a towering bounce house. From there, he makes his way around the neighborhood — which appears to be largely populated by only the flyest of children — turning everyone up one dab and/or dope viral dance move at a time.

"We knew that we needed something catchy for the kids, so we took it back old school with the dances that we did as kids it came around full circle," Street Money exec Martin McCormick explained in an email to The FADER about the video, which is also something of a tribute to Bankroll Fresh, who passed last March.

As McCormick put it: "PJ embodies Fresh's essence in a way, that's why Fresh named him after him. That's the main reason why he kept PJ around him because they was so much alike. PJ was so advanced and picked on everything so quickly. Overall, PJ is the Fresh for the youth and that's why we feel like God sent us him. Fresh will live vicariously through PJ."

Bankroll PJ Demands You Dance In “Jump In” Video