Animalia’s New Video For “Face On” Goes Skin Deep

Light, shadow, and epidermal spelunking.

May 26, 2016

Spliced between vignettes of Animalia moving to her song, "Face On," shrouded in diffused light and shadow, are a few frames of film that zoom in on skin. Director Brandon Cronenberg (sibling of Caitlin—who shot Drake's Views cover) trains his lens on the undulating ridges of fingers, the fuzz that covers our arms, eyelashes, and other surface body parts. It's a recurring theme for the duo, and it provides a brief but mesmerizing focal point for an abstract video to a deeply personal song, from the album (dissonance).


Animalia, who is from Tasmania but now lives in Toronto, told us about the impulsive origins of "Face On" over email:

"I wrote the song one day after feeling pretty bad about the world around me. I wrote it quickly and without worrying about the simplicity of the chord structures or vocal melody. I just used it to bluntly express myself at the time. I think because of this, it's become one of my favorite tracks from the album. It's a song I can still really relate to."

Animalia’s New Video For “Face On” Goes Skin Deep