baby.daddi Turns Up The Heat On “Baby.daddi.”

Cau’e' you know I hate to pull up uninvited.

May 26, 2016

baby.daddi, the trio made up of Ye Ali, Tommy Genesis, and Wes Period who co-produced the song with Chuck English, spice it up this Thursday with a steamy self-titled track. In Ali's verse, he thinks about giving into a woman's temptations followed by Genesis who ensures him that she's what he really wants.

Over email, Ye Ali told The FADER, "'Baby. daddi' is a reflection of the chemistry the 3 of us had. Usually I take the lead in creating all of my tracks but this time i got to share the experience with someone else. It was great to be a baby in the sense of creative space. All good leaders are great followers."


Stay tuned for their upcoming EP.

baby.daddi Turns Up The Heat On “Baby.daddi.” Julian McCandless

baby.daddi Turns Up The Heat On “Baby.daddi.”