Slayter Made A Pulp Fiction-Inspired Video”For "Sti”l Me"

A mellow video for a mellow song.

May 26, 2016

The video for "Still Me," a sedate, introspective cut from Slayter's Dirty Game EP, looks a lot like the song feels: classic New York rap, updated for 2016. Morning weed smoke, a leisurely stroll through the city, and a trip to a maybe-she-is, maybe-she-isn't girlfriend's house mirror the atmospheric vocal sample and piano melody, courtesy of producer Thelonius Martin. The real treat, though, is a sly Pulp Fiction reference waiting for you at the end of the Ashani Allick-directed clip. It's a cliffhanger that'll be explained in a video from Slayter's forthcoming Cold At Night project, due out this fall.


"Ashani and I decided we didn't want to do any performance shots. We wanted to make this a very short film instead of a standard music video. It was ill to show people who I am without having to say it into the camera," Slayter told The FADER over email.

Slayter Made A Pulp Fiction-Inspired Video”For "Sti”l Me"