Tegan And Sara Debut Four Remixes To “Boyfriend”

A new “Boyfriend” for every season.

May 26, 2016
Tegan And Sara Debut Four Remixes To “Boyfriend” Pamela Littky

In a freewheeling, hour-long interview published today on The FADER, Tegan and Sara talk in depth about the creative plateau that almost broke their band apart a few years ago. “There was a path where we both were happy, or there was a path where we quit,” Tegan said.


Next month, with the release of their eighth album, Love You to Death, the shape of that happy way is clear: “The compromise was that I agreed to sort of be a more ambitious band and allow us to look at different things,” Sara said. “And the compromise Tegan made was that I wanted to move in the direction of pop music.”

Today, they’re announcing — and sharing — four remixes to the album’s lead single, “Boyfriend,” by FADER favorite Shura, Robokid, Gilligan Moss, and Alex Ghenea. For a band that’s always changing, maybe in these interpretations you will find a hint at where they’ll go next. Whatever it is, bet it’ll be good.

Tegan And Sara Debut Four Remixes To “Boyfriend”