Trust Punks Premiere Irony-Packed “Good Luck With That”

From the Auckland band’s forthcoming LP Double Bind, out July 22.

May 27, 2016
Trust Punks Premiere Irony-Packed “Good Luck With That”

Auckland, New Zealand-based band Trust Punks have an LP titled Double Bind on the way that's being co-released by Wharf Cat (U.S.), Faux Discx (U.K.), and Spunk (AU) on July 22. The second single from that mega-political project is "Good Luck With That." It's an irony-packed track that rips through as both investigation and takedown of the prison industrial complex. The band's Joe Thomas, writer of "Good Luck With That," explained the song's complicated background in a note to The FADER:


I guess it's for others to decide if condensing those ideas into a two-minute pop song was a good idea or not. The lyrical approach I took is the same one I took for "Paradise/Angel-wire," an attempt at embodying hatred and fear, of adopting a viewpoint I don't have and wriggling around in it to either understand it better or better expose it as abhorrent. It runs the risk of coming off a little glib, I think, especially as I have the privilege to remain as detached as I want from the situation. That's a valid criticism and one I happily take onboard. In hindsight, there are probably some words in here I wouldn't write today. That said, I wrote it with pretty earnest intentions, partially out of a desire to reclaim irony for good, and I think it made for a pretty decent tune.

Listen to "Good Luck With That" below, and preorder Double Bind here.

Trust Punks Premiere Irony-Packed “Good Luck With That”