Bart’s “Yeah” Video Looks Like Windows Media Player 2.0

An altered-state guitar jam gets sent through video feedback.

May 30, 2016

With their clip for "Yeah," Toronto band Bart have found a matching visual style for their psychedelic math-pop: video feedback. The Dan Tahmizian-directed clip launches into trailing galaxies of shapes and colors, moving as if conducted by the propulsive, angular tune. The band explained via email how the song and its visuals are linked conceptually:


"Yeah" was an exercise in leaving things to chance. We arranged moments created by a random note generator into a structure and built the song around it. In the same way, the video was mostly shot using unpredictable laser patterns as the only source of light.

Tour dates

July 20 — Toronto ON @ The Piston %
July 27 — Montreal QC @ Bad Lunch *
July 29 — Halifax NS @ Seahorse*
July 30-31 — Sackville NB @ SappyFest *
August 1 — Charlottetown PEI @ Baba's*
August 4 — Fredericton NB @ Reneu*

*with Hooded Fang
% with Jay Arner & Supermoon

Bart’s “Yeah” Video Looks Like Windows Media Player 2.0