Anohni Will Trek 100-Miles Through The Australian Desert

The 8-day trip is in support of the local indigenous community under threat from big business.

June 01, 2016

This May Anohni released the searing protest album Hopelessness. Now she is set to continue her activism by joining a walk across the western Australian desert in opposition to the controversial extension of a local uranium mine.


In 2015 the world's largest uranium company Cameco was granted permission by the Australian government to extend the Kintyre mine in the west of the country, a move that will displace local indigenous community, the Martu people.

Explaining her plans via Instagram, Anohni wrote: "In 2 days time, I am joining my Martu friends Nola and Curtis Taylor and over 100 other people from Parnngurr and neighboring communities in the Western Australian Desert on an 8 day, 180 Km protest walk from their remote community to the site of Mitsubishi and Cameco's proposed open cart uranium mine. The proposed Kintyre mine is on their traditional lands and a threat to their well-being, as well as being gouged out of Karlamilyi National Park." The image above is of Martu artist Ngalangka Nola Curtis.

You can read more on Anohni's activism and using dance music to confront the world's problems here.

Thumbnail via Alex Thebez for The FADER.

Anohni Will Trek 100-Miles Through The Australian Desert