Dilly Dally: A Postcard From New York

An audiovisual love letter to the city, featuring the four-piece punk band.

June 02, 2016

For a new video, The FADER spent a day with Dilly Dally in New York City, about 500 miles from their Toronto home turf. The result is a visceral postcard from a rock band on the road, hinged on a barrage of timeless sights and sounds: old-fashioned diners, a ringing phone, the sluggish screech of a subway car rolling overhead. It's narrated by Katie Monks, the band's gravel-voiced leader, who sounds pretty calm when she's not sing-screaming her heart out. "Before I came to New York I thought it was going to be a bunch of guys in business suits," she says. She was pleasantly surprised to find out there were weirdos like her there, too.


To learn more about Dilly Dally, read the band's GEN F profile.

Dilly Dally: A Postcard From New York