Sunni Colón Brings The Feels On His Thierry Disko EP

This breezy 7-track project is perfect for the sunshine.

June 02, 2016
Sunni Colón Brings The Feels On His <i>Thierry Disko</i> EP Photo by Anthony Supreme

Sunni Colón's new EP, Thierry Disko, is an ode to funky dance grooves — and to riding down California's open roads with the top down. There's a psychedelic element to Colón's voice, and on songs like, "Multi-Colored Love" and "Feng Shui," he sounds almost dreamy. While he keeps the tempo high and energy vibrant, he sings from a heartfelt place.


"Thierry Disko is a deeply personal record," Colón told The FADER over email. "It represents my life in the past three years on this lonely island called Los Angeles. All of my emotions were emptied onto each track from the writing to production."

"The process was more visceral than anything," he continued. "Creating this project was my only emotional outlet. Every song on the project began with me on guitar or keys, even the more up-tempo songs. Writing about my personal experiences helped me get through the struggles."

Sunni Colón Brings The Feels On His Thierry Disko EP