Chance The Rapper Was Approached To Appear On Beck’s New Single “Wow”

“I’m not sure what happened with that,” says Beck.

June 03, 2016

Chance The Rapper could have added Beck to the list of artists he has worked with, but a collaboration stalled before it could begin. Speaking to NME, Beck revealed that he asked Chance to appear on new hip-hop leaning "Wow" but never heard anything back.


"I like the new Chance The Rapper record a lot," he said. "Four or five months ago we tried to get Chance on "Wow." I'm not sure what happened with that."

Beck will release his as-yet-untitled new album in October. It's an album that he wants to play a lot of at gigs. "It's what exists in the range between "Dreams" and "Wow." I've worked on it with Greg Kurstin for three and a half years. I was constantly touring while making it, so I was attempting to bring some of that energy into the studio., which isn't always easy. If I get three songs on a record that work live, I'm happy. This time I'm trying to make them all work live."

Posted: June 03, 2016