Savannah Ré Teams Up With Eestbound On “Second Thoughts”

Sobriety might be the cure for the midnight feels.

June 06, 2016
Savannah Ré Teams Up With Eestbound On “Second Thoughts” Janick Laurent

Savannah Ré's new single "Second Thoughts," premiering today on The FADER, has all the trappings of a song about desire, but I see it as a message of self-control: sometimes you just can't trust your feelings when it's late and you've been sipping on something. Over a dizzying beat by producer Eestbound — who made Travis Scott's "Antidote" with GEN F alum Wondagurl — the Toronto singer sets up her tale of late-night distractions from the rumblings of her heart. Eestbound handles the low end, while Savannah Ré's sweet warble approximates tipsy nostalgia: Time is moving backward with this cup to my face. Here's what she told us about the track, from an upcoming EP, in an email:


Although I don't say the line "Second Thoughts" in the song, this is something I wrote from personal experience. It's about when you've been using distractions to tell yourself you're over someone. In a this case the distraction is a party, and then it hits you that you're not as okay as you thought you were, Maybe you have a couple shots of honey Jack in you, and you start to have second thoughts.

Savannah Ré Teams Up With Eestbound On “Second Thoughts”