E-40 Explains His Warriors Pre-Game Routine

On this week’s FADEAWAY podcast: Bay Area legend E-40, The New York Time’' Greg Howard, and a special 41st birthday tribute to the great Allen Iverson.

June 08, 2016

This week, The FADER's Amos Barshad and Joseph Patel welcome The New York Times' Greg Howard. The three talk the sad demise of the J.R. Smith-beloved hoverboard, the current despair in Cleveland, and who on the Warriors is most likely to bump vintage Lupe Fiasco. They also pay homage to the icon, Allen Iverson, on the occasion of his 41st birthday and call in to the Bay Area legend E-40 to hear just how much fun this Warriors run has been from the inside.


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E-40 Explains His Warriors Pre-Game Routine