Jukes From The 6 Is A Footwork Ode To Drake And Toronto

Brooding-yet-high energy dance music from the Vancouver producer, Heroshe.

June 08, 2016
<i>Jukes From The 6</i> Is A Footwork Ode To Drake And Toronto Brandon Artis

Heroshe had big ambition for his Jukes From The 6 EP. When the Vancouver producer decided to sample artists from Drake's stable like Majid Jordan, Roy Wood$, dvsn, and The Boy himself, he wanted to grow from it. "I was on the path to finding a sonic identity," he tells The FADER via email, "to bridge the music that influenced myself to create a soundscape that was versatile in concept and able to take shape in multiple styles." Using the singular rhythms of footwork and some misty-eyed melodies, Heroshe gives a new perspective on the Toronto sound.


Not surprisingly, Heroshe's appreciation for Drake runs deep, as he explained via email:

Seeing Drake now and what he's done culturally for Toronto and Canada is great. [It] makes me feel a type of way when it comes to being Canadian. If you dig deeper, you understand that it was the community (OVO) that he built around him that helped him achieve the things he's done, and that's very inspirational. I don't usually fan out too hard on artists but I make an exception for Drake and the OVO team, because I wanna hear more [from] local artists that he puts on or works with. Shit just unfolds nicely, and the more I dig the better it gets for me.

Jukes From The 6 Is A Footwork Ode To Drake And Toronto