Stream Mitski’s New Album Puberty 2

Featuring the single “Your Best American Girl.”

June 09, 2016
Stream Mitski’s New Album <i>Puberty 2</i> Cait Oppermann for The FADER.

Speaking to The FADER as part of her #GenF feature, Mitski talked about her admiration for Young Thug. “I love how Young Thug doesn’t seem like he’s thinking about what sounds pretty,” she said. “It’s more, How can I use my voice as an instrument and make this interesting?


Her sad songs for grown-ups are as interesting as her endlessly quotable Twitter. There's a whole load of them on her new album Puberty 2, which is released on June 17, and is streaming now via NPR.

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Stream Mitski’s New Album Puberty 2