Watch Episode 2 Of Cam’ron’s Giles Investigation

Killa Season 2: The Pink Edition is set to drop this fall, and Purple Haze 2 after that.

June 10, 2016

In Episode 2 of Cam'ron's Giles Investigation — a True Life-style web series that riffs off the idea that, as the Dipset don himself put it, "crack is wack but the shit people will do for a hit is hysterical" — Faceman is back. And because Cam enjoyed his impromptu breakdance set so much last time, he's offered to pay him $40 for an encore — if Face will perform in the middle of the street.


"You got to dodge the cars," Cam'ron instructs for insurance before they head out.

"I'm not trying to die," Face hisses in retort. "What do you mean 'dodge the car'?"

"You're killing yourself smoking that shit!" Cam says. To which Face replies, "But at least I'm having more fun."

It's pretty dark, but Cam insists it's okay to laugh, too. As he explained to The FADER the last time:

[Face] is a comedian, so it's automatically funny. And I want people to laugh, but I want people to get a message that this isn't something that you should be doing. You see what it does to your life? You might be breakdancing in the project hallway for $11. It's funny, but at the same time it's also sad because this is a real life situation. You should have mixed emotions.

Future episodes of Giles Investigation are currently in the works, with the release date for the next one still TBD. However, The FADER is delighted to report that Cam'ron's Killa Season 2: The Pink Edition is slated to arrive this fall, ahead of his final bow Purple Haze 2. So good things soon come; keep an eye on this space.

Watch Episode 2 Of Cam’ron’s Giles Investigation