Apple Just Completely Changed How We Text Each Other

From emojis to new text bubbles, big changes are coming to texts.

June 13, 2016

At today's World Wide Developer's Conference, Apple announced a complete overhaul to Apple Music and has now detailed a slew of changes coming to Messages.


As part of the upcoming operating system iOS 10, Messages will become much more animated and personalized. Within a message users will now be able to toss in a working YouTube link or features from the web without leaving the app. Text bubbles can also be changed with effects like a shaking bubble for intensity. Another feature trotted out was the ability to handwrite messages. You will also be able to play music right in iMessage.

On the emoji front, Apple revealed that they're going to be displayed a lot bigger and there will be a new feature that will let users quickly flip text into emojis.

But the most significant development was the announcement that third party companies would now be allowed to be part of the Messages app. These could range from adding small images in text, to much more layered features — in two demonstrations, Apple showed how group food ordering could be done by text and then showed a full-screen laser light takeover.

Apple Just Completely Changed How We Text Each Other