London Duo Temptress’ Debut Video Will Put You On Edge

“Lies” is an unpredictable and surreal introduction.

June 13, 2016

London duo Temptress, made up of two singers and producers, have only released one song so far, but it's gripping enough to make you sit up and pay attention. Capturing all the nervous flutters of being caught lying, "Lies" has harmony-filled verses that drift like mist on water, and a dramatic chorus punctuated by a thumping horn. With visual metaphors that include baptism, shaving, and creepy prolonged stares, its monochrome video is equally unpredictable.


"'Lies' was the first track we produced together," Temptress told The FADER over email. "It's the result of really impulsive, high-energy throwing around of ideas; layering harmony upon harmony, instrument upon instrument, and getting really excited by each other's voices. The song is really important to us, and Fred [Rowson, director] did a great job representing the meaning of the song: being consumed by a lie, the build-up of tension, and dramatic release." Watch it above.

London Duo Temptress’ Debut Video Will Put You On Edge