Pyrex Represents Another Side Of Toronto In The Video For “Make It”

“If they don’t give it to us, we gon’ take it.”

June 14, 2016

There's a whole new fleet of music videos that capture the everyday spirit of Toronto with wide shots of forgotten landmarks, or aerial glimpses from the city's spirals of neighborhoods and housing complexes. We can add Pyrex's video for "Make It," premiering today on The FADER, to that canon. And it's not just because of the cameos by local musical mainstays Jelleestone and Andreena Mill. In the clip for "Make It," the rapper-turned-vocalist drives around Rexdale, a borough just northwest of Toronto's downtown core, reminiscing after getting a call from a loyal friend who is locked up. A camera soars above his whip and over blocks, capturing a maze that might feel like a trap to some, and the weather matches Pyrex's mournful mood: it's one of those grey, bare, nondescript Toronto days that makes the city feel smaller than it already is.


Pyrex filled us in on the importance of the setting, via email:

In this visual, I wanted to capture the different realities that people in my community contend and deal with that are often overlooked when depicted from an outsiders point of view. Rexdale is often shunned, but we have a rich history and a strong community with a lot of talent in it. We have a lot to offer: we just need a shot.

Pyrex Represents Another Side Of Toronto In The Video For “Make It”