Dengue Dengue Dengue Team Up With Branko And Toy Selectah For “Amazonia”

The Peruvian chicha duo’s sophomore album Siete Raíces is out June 24.

June 15, 2016

Tonight we play at @boilerroomtv ---> 9pm Portugal time. ---> 3pm hora Peruana

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On June 24, Dengue Dengue Dengue — a duo out of Lima, Peru who are known for their savvy and sometimes almost psychedelic blend of chicha (sped up Cumbia) and electronic music — will release their long-awaited sophomore effort, Siete Raíces via Enchufada. Already the duo has shared two cuts off the album, "Guardia" and "The Enemy," and today The FADER has the honor of premiering a third: "Amazonia," featuring Branko (of Buraka Som Sistema) and Monterrey, Mexico beatmaker Toy Selectah.

"Amazonia" has a sort of serious vibe, but is alive with sounds and textures from around the world — a warm metallic thrum of a kalimba, echoes of Andean music, a universally-pleasing electro-stomp — because it came together over years and across continents. In a note to The FADER, Dengue Dengue Dengue told the four minute song's story thusly:

Toy Selectah came to Lima 2 years ago for an RBMA info Session, so he gave us a file with some loops and ideas he was working on. A few months passed and we picked 'Amazonia' and started to working on the structure of the track. After that we went on tour to Europe, so we visited Branko at the Enchufada headquarters in Lisbon, where he added synths and melodies.
This track is a blend of many flavours, the melody is melancholic, inspired by Andean music. It also has a dark Amazon flavour and the kalimba gives it the afro touch.

Listen to "Amazonia" below. Siete Raíces is out June 24.

Dengue Dengue Dengue Team Up With Branko And Toy Selectah For “Amazonia”