A Boiler Room Show Is Coming To Beats 1

The first show is this weekend with Ahadadream and Teki Latex.

June 16, 2016

Popular music broadcasting organization Boiler Room TV is joining forces with Beats 1 to bring its eclectic tastes to the airwaves/internets. The show, Boiler Room on Beats 1 will debut on Saturday, June 18 at 6 p.m. PT and air on a weekly basis. According to a statement from Apple, the show will be focusing on "the 4 key areas which make up Boiler Room's DNA: grime and UK club music; house and techno; rap and electronicbeats; and experimental global styles. Shows will be beamed in from all across the world, in true Boiler Room style."


The first show will be curated by Ahadadream and Teki Latex as they focus on "forward-thinking club music including UK Funky, Grime, global dance sounds and beyond," according to Apple. There will also be premieres from Deep Medi, Hyperdub, and Night Slugs, plus some classic Boiler Room moments from DJ EZ.

A Boiler Room Show Is Coming To Beats 1