Jay Arner Premieres “Crystal Ball” Video

Let your hair out to the retro pop magic.

June 16, 2016

Jay Arner will release his new album Jay II on June 17, and "Crystal Ball" is proof that the Vancouver musician can still kick out a catchy retro pop jam. The video is set in an antique magical orb — which interested parties can procure for the very dank and sexy price of $420.69 — and extolls the virtues of taking it easy and rocking out to spacey synth line or three, even if we're just pawns in a god-wizard's world.


"This video officially marks the beginning of Jay's 'blazer phase'," said the clip's director Jessica Delisle, who also plays in Jay's band. "We wanted to make a very literal video - so we're performing inside of a crystal ball. The look was inspired by early Sparks music videos and '80s fantasy movies. We shot everything except the office sequence in our 400 square foot apartment which completely filled up with smoke between takes."

Jay Arner Premieres “Crystal Ball” Video