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Meet The N.Y.C. Dancers Pushing Their Craft Forward

A tap, flex, and modern dancer share their motivations for Smirnoff Sound Collective.

June 17, 2016

Last month, Smirnoff Sound Collective released a New York-set music video from South African producer and DJ Black Coffee for his most recent single, "Come With Me." The video features three N.Y.C. dance crews with very different styles: East Brooklyn's Ringmasters who practice a kind of street dance called flex; modern dance troop Blue Morph Collective; and The Harlem Movement Theatre Company's tap prodigies.


Each of the featured dance crews has a leader determined to strengthen their community by pushing the boundaries of dance. To find out what drives them and their craft, Smirnoff Sound Collective spent time getting to know these highly motivated dancers for three short documentaries that we're premiering on The FADER today.

Harlem's Cartier Williams talks starting a tap revival by teaching the next generation of tap dancers to live the "hoofer" lifestyle. Ringmasters founder Jay Donn shows how he and his flex crew pound out negativity by being themselves through dance. And Blue Morph Collective's leader Rachel Watson uses her versatility to create a more diverse, closely knit community of female dancers. Watch the docs above and below to learn about the N.Y.C. stars revolutionizing dance.

Meet The N.Y.C. Dancers Pushing Their Craft Forward