5 Indigenous Musicians You Should Know

Celebrate Canada’s National Aboriginal Day with some great music.

June 21, 2016

Today is the 20th annual National Aboriginal Day in Canada, a celebration of Indigenous peoples' contributions to this country's history. It's also an opportunity for outlets like The FADER to reflect on how we promote the work and stories of Indigenous artists, and all the ways we can improve in how we interact with their cultures. To celebrate, we've compiled a selection of some of the emerging Native artists we've recently covered who deserve to be heard all year round.

1. Silla + Rise from Nunavut, who blend throat singing with pulse-pounding electronica.
2. Dio Ganhdih, a Bay Area MC of Iroquois heritage.
3. Frank Waln, bruising-hip hop artist and proud Sicangu Lakota.
4. Lido Pimienta, a Toronto-based artist of Wayuu descent.
5. Drezuz, a Cree and Nishnawbe MC whose art is his "vision quest."
5 Indigenous Musicians You Should Know