Start Your Day Off Right With Immerze’s “Tropicana”

He got the juice, he got the juice.

June 21, 2016
Start Your Day Off Right With Immerze’s “Tropicana” Miikemiike

Vancouver rapper Immerze has a new EP on the way called Before I Go, and ahead of its release he's shared one of its best tracks, "Tropicana," premiering today on The FADER. It's a bright, horn-driven number—produced by Eshe Nkiru and Brevner, also of Van City—that Immerze handles with a laidback flow; kind of like sitting in a sunny kitchen, drinking a tall glass of O.J., and psyching yourself up for the day ahead. In an email to The FADER he described it, and the vibe of the rest of the record, as "mixing the Gucci with the Vandross."


"When you move away from home and you're doing your thing, everybody seems to notice," Immerze wrote, elaborating on the track's refrain, he got the juice. "'Tropicana' is inspired by all the times I've traveled back home to Toronto to visit. Most show love, and some envy, but either way they're talking!"

Start Your Day Off Right With Immerze’s “Tropicana”