Micky Munday’s “Grammy Speech” Is For The Dreamers

The L.A. rapper does it for his daughter.

June 21, 2016

Micky Munday's "Grammy Speech" goes out to anyone with a dream, be it big (a trophy) or small (bread for the pantry), dis or dat. In the song's accompanying video, which premieres today on The FADER, the West Los Angeles rapper with the most hair details some of his recent winnings — a well-stocked kitchen, a foriegn car, an adorable daughter — while pulling on a Jordan jersey, because he's not about to start settling now.


My little girl should have a room that's filled up with toys and shit, he spits over the piano-laced production, the only things that's not allowed is little boys and shit.

"Grammy Speech," the Los Angeles rapper explained in an email to The FADER, "is a record for that kid sitting on the porch pointing with his friends, saying, 'One day, I'm have everything I want.' It's a record for the dreamer." Check it out above.

Micky Munday’s “Grammy Speech” Is For The Dreamers