Watch Cruel Youth’s Video For “Mr. Watson”

Rihanna collaborator Teddy Sinclair takes you to the carnival.

June 28, 2016

Teddy Sinclair, who was one of the co-writers on Rihanna's "Kiss It Better," is striking out with her own group, a trio known as Cruel Youth. Here in the video for the first single "Mr. Watson," Sinclair wanders around a carnival, hitting up the rides and kills time in a lavish room. All the while alone, singing about this "Mr. Watson." In a statement to The FADER Sinclair had this to say about the clip:


“Mr. Watson is a narcotic lullaby I wrote with my husband Willy after he suspected that Oxy was my one true love instead of him. I wanted to fly back to England and shoot the video at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (where I went to escape the boredom of my childhood), but since we live in New York, we shot the video at Coney Island, where we used to get high on the rides…”

Watch the video above.

Watch Cruel Youth’s Video For “Mr. Watson”