Ben Burden Is Moving Fast On “Catch Me”

I been swerving well I guess’I'm learning how to move and shake away my demons.

June 29, 2016
Ben Burden Is Moving Fast On “Catch Me” 1st Kind

On "Catch Me," Ben Burden is stumbling down lovers lane with his muse and neither of them can keep up with the other. It's a winding journey that Burden compares to a drunken haze. He craves his lover's magic while the two are apart, so he wants to make sure she'll be ready to catch him.


Burden wrote a poem for The FADER to illustrate the song: "I take a sip from the cup of you, and stumble away til' the night is through. I cant seem to catch one step. You follow behind and watch my every move, while you struggle to catch each breath."

Listen below.

Ben Burden Is Moving Fast On “Catch Me”