Bryant Dope Is Fed Up With Police Violence On “RAGE”

June 29, 2016
Bryant Dope Is Fed Up With Police Violence On “RAGE” Karl-Raphael Blanchard

Queens rapper, Bryant Dope gives a big "fuck you" to the system on his new song "RAGE." He expresses his frustrations about the injustices against black people in America and doesn't back down from any of his feelings. There's a chilling moment in the song where he names just a few of the men killed by police officers which illustrates the grim reality for black men in his city and others all across the nation.


He raps, They killed Sean Bell/They killed Eric Garner/They killed Akai Gurley/They killed Walter Scott/They killed Trayvon Martin/They killed Eric Harris/They killed Freddie Grey and they killed Michael Brown.

Over email, Bryant Dope explained what inspired the song, "I wrote this song shortly after digesting the ruling in the Akai Gurley case. The song was a product of a conversation I was having with a few of my friends. We realized that we were all angry and fed up with the justice system in this country."

He continued, "We were tired of people never receiving justice and murderers being set free. We were tired of knowing that our lives did not matter. I wanted this song to show exactly how we felt in the moment. I wanted this song to reflect the hopelessness and rage we all felt by constantly seeing injustice in this country. This song is an expression of the youth in this country."

Bryant Dope Is Fed Up With Police Violence On “RAGE”