The FADER Weekend Reading List

Pieces on Paris Hilton, terrible decisions, Area 51, and more.

July 01, 2016
The FADER Weekend Reading List BuzzFeed/Shutterstock, Wikipedia
The Science Of Why People Make Idiotic Choices

Andre Spicer, Quartz


If you've recently been wondering, like I have, why people insist on holding onto dumb, disproven notions, then you should read this. It's the real, depressing science of cognitive dissonance.

Also this week in terrible ideas: Why Bad Ideas Refuse To Die, from The Guardian.

Meet the Full-Service Social Media Secretary for Prisoners

Maurice Chamma, Vice and The Marshall Project

Renea Royster is giving prisoners access to the digital world — she's paid to make and post to social media accounts for inmates, and her son Phillip is in charge of online dating. This is how they do it.

5 Stories About Truly Being In America For The First Time


FADER staffers Anupa Mistry, Amos Barshad, and Rawiya Kameir — plus writer Yvonne Wilkins and musician Jeff Donna — share their initial memories of arriving in the States. Come for the personal stories, stay for the (adorable) pictures.

How The DIY Scene Is Different When You're Black

Melissa Vincent, The FADER

Do-it-yourself culture is rooted in idealized inclusion. Melissa Vincent explores what happens when young people on the margins — like those involved in Toronto's underground scene — try to break the mold.

Every Single One Of Paris Hilton’s Cell Phones

Matt Stopera, BuzzFeed

From 2005 to present, a full history of cell phone trends as told via Getty and Shutterstock images of aughts socialite Paris Hilton.

Lost Highway

Brian Phillips, MTV News

There's nothing more American than alien conspiracy theories, so here's a story about how Brian Phillips went to Area 51, and what he learned there. Happy Fourth!

The FADER Weekend Reading List