Watch The Video For GTA And Wax Motif’s “Get It All”

The track will be on GTA’s upcoming debut album.

July 07, 2016

Miami DJ duo GTA have released a flashy visual for their new single, "Get It All," that features Sydney producer Wax Motif. The track will be featured on the duo's forthcoming debut album. The video is all quick-cut scenes full of bright blues and reds and features a young lady named Dani (gathered from the text bubbles that appear on the screen) who is going out for the night trying to forget a certain guy, only to run into him again in the club. The party scenes are cut-in with images of the protagonist taking the same dude down MMA-style in a boxing ring. The duo had this to say to The FADER over email about their upcoming music and the new video:


"For the last few years we’ve been feeling like things have been getting repetitive. We’ve always had goals of ascending beyond the festival bangers we're known for, so around a year ago we set out to create a body of work that reflected our depth and growth as producers. Our mantra is still 'Death to Genres.' We have no interest in being pigeonholed. 'Get It All' is something that takes elements of the sound we're proud of and also looks outside of the expectations that might come with that."

Watch the video above.

Watch The Video For GTA And Wax Motif’s “Get It All”