Dance The Lies Away With Madeira In “Manipulator”

The former Yumi Zouma member has a new solo synthpop alias.

July 07, 2016
Dance The Lies Away With Madeira In “Manipulator” Garth Badger / Thievery Studios

Madeira, formerly a member of New Zealand synthpop group Yumi Zouma, is striking out solo for her debut EP Bad Humors, out this September on Carpark Records. "Manipulator," a new single from the release, strikes a gloomy groove amongst twinkling electronics, recalling both New Order and messy breakups on the disco floor.


"'Manipulator' is a piece that reflects on the naivety of believing the best in something or someone only to realise you've been deceived," Madeira told The FADER over email. "It also touches on the way we present ourselves to each other and to the world — just because something looks like it's wonderful doesn't mean it really is. It's about this facade we create, a giant house of cards. At some point it's all gonna come crashing down and then we need to ask ourselves what we are gonna do about it."

Dance The Lies Away With Madeira In “Manipulator”